Some days I just do not want to get out of bed…

5 05 2010

Heavy flow days always make me feel just like Carrie. I can even hear chants of “Plug it up! Plug it up!” in my head. *grumble*

So, new blog. Yet again. I keep doing this, but this time I swear I am going to keep up with this one. I even temporarily lost my regular email account when I made the new one for this damn thing. Seriously. I absolutely cannot recall my password and gmail is locking me out for the next 24 hours. FUN! I could have sworn that one of my attempts was the correct one too. Oh well. Fuck it. I shall wait 24 hours to access my email, it won’t kill me.

And now I am off to give in to those baser instincts that are screaming that I need a greasy cheeseburger with bacon, large fries and a coke. Because willpower is just not in my vocabulary, apparently.

so ninja I did it 8 days later when you were least expecting it!  HA HA! So I remembered like an hour after I bitched & whined about forgetting my main email password, that I have my happy little web browser remember all of that for me as I have the attention span and memory of a retarded, lobotomized goldfish that’s been repeatedly brained with a blunt instrument. What kind of blunt instrument a mad, goldfish attacker could find in an aquarium I know not. Maybe some coral? A lump of driftwood? But I digress…




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