Bringing the evil (circa 27 Feb 2010)

13 05 2010

I am in such a supremely bitchy mood today, and my t-shirt is pissing me off. For some reason, the vee does not want to situate itself in the middle of my tatas, and instead keeps veering to the left, thus making me wonder if my left breast is larger or something. Also, who sautees mushrooms to put on a burger and does not season them prior? Seriously, McDonald’s. Your Angus mushroom & swiss burger is a fail. The sad thing is, I had tried it months ago when they first debuted, but I had forgotten it, so I ordered another one today when the kids & spouse declared their undying love for a lunch from McDonald’s. I probably should have just got a salad or something, but UGH. Their salads blow.
Spouse & I are taking the youngest rabid hyena to see Avatar tonight. I am disgusted at going to the theatre to see this 2 hour & 40 minute James Cameron wank session, but the youngest wants to see it. Oldest rabid hyena is off to a friend’s house for pizza, bowling and a sleepover…his first ever sleepover away from home. I am actually grateful to the parents of the boy hosting it as I know it cannot be easy to have 3 10 & 11 years olds running rampant in their house, not to mention the 8 year old sibling of the b-day boy. I hope oldest does well and doesn’t break anything or urinate on anyone’s bed/floor.




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