I am a special snowflake

13 05 2010

and by ‘special’ I mean short-bus special.

I forgot that I had already made a blog a couple months ago on another blog site that shall remain nameless. Well I didn’t forget that I made one, I did forget which blog site hosted it AND my password. But tonight, fueled by a prozac high and lack of sleep, I suddenly recalled EVERYTHING and rushed over to the other blog to see what I had posted. It was funny shit about my family and my bowel movements. But since I did mention my family and I wasn’t planning on doing this here, I shant be using that other one much I don’t think. So I think I will just import all the usable posts from there to here. Be prepared for an influx of crazy. WHEEE!

Hmm, fuck it I will move them all. I can still remain anonymous and mention family from time to time. Hell they are half of the funny that happens in my daily life. Well maybe a third. The other two-thirds being the weird brain goo that oozes out of me at any given moment.




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