Broadly offensive to all Pinnipeds

15 05 2010

Cannot sleep yet again. I think I am going to watch crap TV until I keel over from exhaustion or boredom. Driving to my parent’s house tomorrow and staying the weekend, so no blogging. But I am going to be taking loads of notes so I am sure I will have a ton of crap to spew on my return. My MIL has invited me & my dad over for dinner tomorrow night, but I think I may try to look up some friends and have dinner with them instead. It’s going to feel odd not traveling with Spouse & the Rabid Hyena pair, but all of us going would have complicated things.

I am totally laughing at myself again because I feel like I am telling myself all of this shit but whatever. This seems to be a kind of therapy for me and I never realized how much I missed writing. Hopefully when I return I will have a few amusing stories and some photos to post. I fully intend to take my camera with me and if I see something that catches my eye, I am stopping.

Just a wee bit of crazy before I go. I still kinda feel like I have been lungraped by seals, but only those smaller ones, Harbor Seals?  No, Baikal Seals apparently, thank you google.  Right, so instead of being lungraped by this:

It feels more like lungrape by this:

And look, he brought sake too! Such a conscientious lungrapist.

PS. To any Pinnipeds reading this, I am absolutely not trying to specieally (I know it’s not a real word. fuck off.) profile you, I swear! But I could understand if you are pissed and wish to harm me. Get in line. The birds have first dibs.




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