I think my bladder is winking at you

15 05 2010

Still not asleep. But I did try. I was all settled in, ready to pass out from exhaustion when I had to blow my nose. I mean it. I could feel something in there moving with each breath. I hate that. And I just cannot ignore it and go to sleep. Never. Nor can I blow my nose right there in bed while Spouse is happily snoring away. I am not a monster. (Okay sometimes I am, but I have been working really hard to change that.) Anyway, I got up and came in here to remove the offending nose goblin and decided. “Hey, why don’t I tell all my -1 internet friends all about how I have a snotty nose and cannot sleep. Then let me top it off with the state of my bladder. That would be super cool and will be certain to earn me loads more internet friends. Yay me!” SOo here I am. And yeah, the moment I sat down, I had to pee.

And now that I am done baring not my soul but my disgusting personal habits, I am off to the toilet then bed. My bladder thanks you. My nose wants you to get bent.

PS Pay absolutely no attention to the title of this post. I am clearly not in my right mind, am sleep deprived and should not be trusted with sharp objects or blogging tools.

5:30 am and NOW it’s social commentary from TankCat about the litterbox. So I have to take care of that. I had been asleep when her scratching, scratching, always with the ceaseless scratching woke me up. GRRRRRR.




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