Animal Droppings

21 06 2010

I have this sick fascination with Animal Crossing: City Folk. I have played it for hours on end, just gathering shells, catching bugs and fishing. After the Wii was stolen with our Animal Crossing disk in it, we had to start our town anew. This has not hindered me from having my home to one level away from it’s largest expansion size and our museum stocked with as many of the seasonal fauna and fossils that I can find. It has also not stopped Spouse and I from being complete and utter freaks in the comments we make while playing. It’s too much fun to find creative phrases to make the animal townsfolk say, and try to spread nasty rumors about certain neighbors that we have decided are just bitchy.

This is my character, Elini. She is wearing the gas mask and beret purely for my amusement. I also have a chicken beak and some tiny lennon-shades for such reasons. I still wish the animals would actually comment on my bizarre fashion choices.

This was the first townsanimal I met. His name is Vladimir, but I refer to him as PedoBear because the first time I entered his home (HOME INVASION!) the first thing he said to me was “Well, aren’t you brave entering the lion’s den…” Scary monsters, man. Just look at that lecherous face! And his house is all Deliveranced out too.

This is my humble abode. I am ridiculously proud of it too. I thought I had snapped an interior shot but I guess not, I shall have to remedy this soon.

Meet Robin. Did you notice that she is indeed a robin? Yeah, I did too ’cause I am all observant and shit. Spouse and I have decided she is a bitchy cunt and go around smacking her with our bug nets to piss her off, dropping trash outside her home and leaving nasty notes about her lack of character on the bulletin board. I have recently changed her catchphrase to be “I Suck!” and this makes me burst into piss-myself giggling fits.

*snicker* This is one of the many snarky catch phrases that Spouse and I like to make the townsfolk say. In this case, we had decided that Senator Brownback needed his name turned into a filthy sexual act ala Santorum, so really this is only funny to him & I, but holy crap how we laugh.

Finally we have Elini enjoying a particularly bracing cup of coffee. You can tell it’s strong by her grunts of pain. Thankfully this time the pigeon barrista didn’t offer a ‘squirt of pigeon milk’. WTF kind of crazy shit is that?

So there you have it, some of my Animal Crossing spew. I had originally intended to make this a longer and more in depth post, but I am seriously distracted by daily life at the moment so this is as good as it gets.




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