Dear Internet

22 06 2010
Please do not say this after telling me that redneck does not equate stupid racist.
Originally Posted by person on a forum I haunt
Could that be because there isn’t 12-20 million illegals here from Germany that snuck in at night in submarines?

If that was the case, I suspect someone would probably be suspicious
Not that I necessarily equate redneck with stupid racist, I do not. But did I miss a war with Mexico at some point? And even then, being suspicious of everyone with an Hispanic name is racist just like being suspicious of anyone with an Arabic name. The only time I could see people being suspicious of hordes of illegal Germans entering the country in the dead of night via submarines would be during World War 2. Except this didn’t happen and the predominant non-black racism of the era was focused on Japanese-Americans.
So when you say something like this to try to prove some sort of point, I will most definitely point and laugh at you and call your post Comedy Gold.



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