Animals, Vegetable Fellatio & Caves, OH MY!

1 07 2010

(Yeah, I can’t imagine the google hits that title will reap.)

So, I decided to play some Animal Crack Crossing today…I actually play a little bit every morning because my OCD demands that I find out what’s new in the clothing shop as well as Nook’s place. Most days they both disappoint. Today, however, I was determined to make some bank to help pay off my appalling house loan. Honestly, it’s a scary number…500k and then some. Anyway, since it’s now July, the town is overrun with cicadas. I loathe cicadas. They look freaky, and sound like a chorus of vuvuzelas played by crack-fiends and they are just all around annoying. Hate. Them. I hate them even more in the real world much less the digitized one, so I try to nab as many as possible from our town to save my sanity, otherwise I cannot play. At any rate, I was kind of shocked and amused (again) to discover that I cannot make one of the animals say “Santorum!” as their catch phrase. I mean, I had tried to do it before and it didn’t work, and then I promptly forgot and so tried again today. Still no dice. I suppose in a few months I will forget again and theere will be yet another post about AC’s PCness. I know what the new terminology of it is, but I was pretty surprised that Animal Crossing does too, heh. ‘Assface’…still allowed, ‘barf’…not so much. Astounding. Now I feel this compulsion to try different words to see what’s allowed and what isn’t. My animals may be greeting me with cries of ‘Penisnose’ and ‘Vaginahead’ in the near future. Yes, because seeing such things in AC makes my inner 14 year old boy giggle like a japanese schoolgirl.

Speaking of odd and bizarre things (and no I don’t mean Richard Simmons fellating a zucchini), for some reason, Runes of Magic – a game both myself and Spouse are currently addicted to – censors the words ‘gay’ and ‘cave’. I guess I can kind of, sort of understand why ‘gay’ isn’t allowed, I know how bad WoW gets with people calling each other ‘gay’ and ‘fag’ and such, and I really hate that those are used as derogatory terms…but CAVE? Seriously? Is cave some slang term somewhere for vagina? I suspect it is.

Also? My spellchecker thingy just redlined the word ‘fellating’, LAWL! Yes, Mr Spellchecker, that is a real word and that is how you spell it. Color me deeply amused.




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