I have no title and I don’t even know why I am posting this drivel.

20 07 2010

So, as you all (all 2 of you that actually read this tripe, heh) of you know, I am giant bag of retarded fucking weasel sauce crazy. So any news I choose to share with you will not come as a complete shock in any way. As I have mentioned previously, I am a complete whore for the Sims 3 ,and recently Spouse purchased the base game plus the World Adventures and Ambitions EPs. I was thrilled that I no longer have to use Not Really My Sister’s game disks and also her account. Meandering back to the point, I was playing today…had restarted a couple of Sims since I installed some really cool mods yesterday. I was working on the house upgrade (yeah I totally money-cheated to do it too) for one of them, when I realized that I was being overly anal about it. Seriously. I was making sure ALL the wood matched to the same texture and all the carpets and tiles matched to a particular color scheme. I didn’t want everything the exact same color – that would be beyond insane – but I would shade shift within  each colors range to achieve what I wanted. Ummm, yeah. That realization made me remember that I had not only taken my adderall this morning, but also brewed myself a large cup of leaded coffee. WHEEEEE  OCD-land! Now if I would just apply that level of crazy to the housework again, then life would rock. Well okay it wouldn’t rock because I would be a complete OCD-out wreck trying to make sure everything stayed pristine, but maybe more shit would get done in a more timely and less leisurely manner. Once again I need to find a balance.

P.S. I also crazy scrubbed and reorganized the kitchen counter when I went to make myself more coffee, but I am not complaining. Random acts of neat-freakyness is a good thing as long as no one is harmed in the process.




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