I survived…

20 07 2010

A short while ago I decided it was high time I had a shower because I have not yet reached that level of nutty that makes me think “Hey! I want to chuck it all and go live as a street person who loses arguments with inanimate objects!”…at any rate, as I was merrily scrubbing away, Spouse walked into the bedroom and asked “Is it really safe to shower during a bad thunderstorm?”. Scoffing, I assured him that it was completely fine. Of course I was talking right out of my anus. I have no proof that showering with water – also known as a REALLY GOOD CONDUCTOR OF ELECTRICITY – that comes from the ground – also another REALLY GOOD CONDUCTOR OF ELECTRICITY – through pipes that are made of some kind of metal – which is probably yet another REALLY GOOD CONDUCTOR OF ELECTRICITY – might not be such a wise idea when BOLTS OF PURE ELECTRICITY are shooting about in the sky and probably hitting the ground. So I started to really frenzy it up, trying to get all the bits washed before I became a freaky statistic and most likely a candidate for The Darwin Awards. I started to OCD out on getting all the conditioner out of my hair, but I managed to realize it and stop myself. I wasn’t really angsty that I was going to be fried, I just figured with my luck and me not really knowing if it could happen or not, why take chances.

Now I need to google this topic before I forget about it. I know I could have done this prior to posting, but I wanted to make sure I documented my insanity for posterity.

I googled, and it turns out that I could have died or become seriously impaired…more so than I am. Wow.




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