Acid Burn

21 07 2010

V-8 is officially my sworn enemy now. This makes the second night that I have had a can only to feel as though my stomach is twisting itself in knots to get away from itself…or something. Serious burny stomach. This pisses me off royally. V8 is my go-to beverage/food in the evenings when I no longer have to worry about it queering my adderall absorption. I wonder if it’s a combination of the V8 and the cup of decaf I had too…after all it only seems to happen late at night. Ugh. Regardless, I won’t be slamming a can after 8 pm again. I am actually tired and would love to go to bed, but my tummy and not my brain is keeping me awake this time.
I just finished watching a really good Swedish film called “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”. I heard via a comment on my plurk about it earlier that a remake starring Daniel Craig and Carey Mulligan is in the works from the same director that did Se7en, Fight Club and Zodiac (I still need to see that. I actually read the book by Robert Graysmith years ago…) among others. I will probably see the remake, but will wait until it’s out on video…sometimes Hollywood has a way of ruining a good foreign flick with a remake.




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