Your body must be an aryan wonderland + a recipe

21 07 2010

I don’t want to count my half-blind and possibly mentally challenged chickens before they are hatched, but I think I might have found a bit of that medication balance I said I was striving for. I have decided to take my prozac in the evenings instead of first thing in the morning with my first adderall doseage. I have been wondering if the prozac is keeping me awake at night after the adderall wears off…and also if the prozac is making me so calm during the day that I zone out completely. Well calm is not exactly the word for it…I am never calm, not completely. I guess it’s slothing me out or making me just..I don’t know.

What I am poorly attempting to say is that I actually got some shit done this morning, YAY ME! As soon as that adderall hit, I decided that I wanted to do something in the crockpot with the two thick cut KC Strip steaks I had thawed yesterday. Of course this meant that I needed to do the dishes before 5 pm. Off I hopped to achieve that goal, and ended up doing a mini cleaning frenzy in the process. Snapping synapses must lead to cooking creativity as I just tossed the following into my crock pot.

2 pounds of KC strip steak. It was thick so I cut it in pieces then sliced them thinner. I browned them in some olive oil and then placed them atop 2 bay leaves in the crock. Sauteed up some sliced vidalia onion and frozen, diced green pepper (left over from last years CSA bounty) in the pan drippings. While I was sauteeing, I drizzled the beef with some worcestershire sauce and sprinkled on some Tony Chachere’s Spices n’ Herbs cajun seasoning. As soon as the onions & peppers were tender and starting to caramelize, I dumped them on top of the meat and then poured a large can (28 oz) of crushed roma tomatoes over the whole mess, set the crock pot to high and walked away. I guess it’s kinda-sorta a swiss steak or something? Hopefully it turns out well. Later I am going to stir things up and add some frozen peas & carrots.

While this orgy of cooking and cleaning was going on, I heard John ‘my dick is David Duke’ Mayer playing on the boys’ radio and had to demand that they shut it off immediately or change the station. I used to be completely ambivalent to his music until he did that asinine Playboy interview where he said that sure he would love to sleep with black women but his dick is a white supremacist…now I loathe him and wish he would just muddle his way into obscurity. Or maybe get common-law married to David Duke and adopt a Benetton ad of children. Him saying that was the least of his rampant assbaggery in that article, seriously…can anyone be more full of themselves? Maybe it’s false bravado or him just trying to seem all edgy and shit, but frankly I think if anyone embodies the term ‘douche-canoe’ it’s him.




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