22 07 2010

I was up until a ridiculous hour last night, composing the previous post. I think it was 2:30-ish AM. I then was still keyed up from the creative process and so decided to finish watching some dark, arty Aussie thriller movie I had started the night before. After it was over, I didn’t want to go to sleep with that lodged in my brain so I started watching some French dramady flick. When I realized I had fallen asleep in my recliner it was 6:00-ish AM. I dragged my sorry carcass to bed only to be awoken about an hour later thinking that a giant spider was hanging over the bed. Seriously, that shit was so real. In fact, I fell off the bed and landed on my ass trying to get away from it and woke Spouse in the process. Even after realizing that it absolutely could not be reality since I saw that spider crystal clear from at least 4 feet away, and I can’t even see my hand unblurrily a foot in front of my damned face without my specs on, I was still completely twitchy and half-convinced that if I did go back to sleep, that imaginary spider would lay eggs in one or all of my orifices. But I tried anyway, only to be repeatedly awoken by the Rabid Hyena Pair between 8 & 8:40. So you know what? I fucking give up. I am going to pop an adderall and try to stay awake all day. Maybe this way I will be able to get to sleep this evening.

Look at me…’suffering’ for my ‘art’. *snort*




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