Thank you, Neil Patrick Harris

22 07 2010

Do you know what happens when my brand of lunacy doesn’t get enough sleep? Deviant google image searches happen, that’s what. For instance I just had a phrase pop into my head while I was perusing some website and decided that I must google it. Gone are all those filters that tell my brain that it really isn’t a good idea to see pictures of such a thing and before I know it, I am image searching for “unicorn coming out of a butt”. I know. And to be honest, I really have no internal filters when it comes to doing a google search…well not for weirdness…I do draw the line at seriously sick shit. BUT (no pun) “unicorn coming out of a butt”? Really brain? Have you completely depleted your creative juices, wtf?

Sadly, such a thing did not glean nearly as much fun as I thought it might, but this made me giggle:




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