Memory has a way of raking me over it’s spiky shoreline…

26 07 2010

When I was ill last Friday, I started watching Nip/Tuck on netflix instant watch via our Roku. I am now completely enmeshed in it. Completely embroiled in the drahmah. I disgust myself…almost as much as when I got addicted to Gossip Girl after downloading one season. I cannot believe I am admitting that. I mean I even watched it after everyone was asleep, to hide my sleazy addiction, and then I decide to spew it on the internet.

So now, the 12 pound monkey on my back is Nip/Tuck the first season. I remember when it was on the air, but I staunchly refused to watch it. I loathed the whole premise of it. Then I got bored, and here I am. Some of the storylines are completely ludicrous, but in that way that only reality can be. It’s amazing to me the variety of ideas they can come up with for two plastic surgeons and their patients. I will say that they do smack you repeatedly with the oversexed, bachelor-douche partner…they beat you over the head with him, HARD. And even though he is a real asshole, I cannot help but like him and I think he just might be my favorite character on the show. He reminds me quite a bit of a straight version of one of my closest friends, Jake, who died about 9 years ago…I miss him and am so very sad that he never really got to meet my kids.

Great. Now I am all weepy-eyed thinking about Jake. This happened a few months ago too when a mutual friend posted some photos I had taken of Jake on Facebook. It’s not that I don’t want to think about him, it’s just that I don’t need to go down that depressive path right now. And really, all these episodes of Nip/Tuck I have been watching just bring me closer & closer to it…that’s how much that dude reminds me of him. Then I start to kick myself in the mental ass for not staying in better contact with him and for not being there when he might have needed me.

Okay, that’s it…I am off to play a game or something to put my mind off of this for the time being.




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26 07 2010

I’ve watched both of those shows. I lost track of Nip/Tuck after a between-season break and never went back. I lawled through GG up until a certain event that was just too much. Also, season ended. I have a hard time remembering to go back when shows take time off. You could call me a flighty TV watcher, but I would TP your house if you did.

Dr. Christian Troy is awesome. That guy was also good in Charmed. He was probably good in the Fantastic Four movies, but I can’t watch those because they make me want to wretch, so I am just guessing.

26 07 2010

@GL yeah I just discovered that Netflix has all 6 seasons of Nip/Tuck on instant watch. I am freaking DOOMED. I am a completely flighty TV watcher myself.

My folks were really super into Charmed and I watched a few with them…they weren’t too bad.

I watched ER from beginning to end, all 15 years of it…that’s the only series I did that for. And really when it came out, there was nothing on TV like it. The way it was filmed really changed television drama. But there were so many times I vowed I would stop watching after something happened…I never did. I was so pissed when Goran Visnjic was leaving and they put John freakin’ Stamos on. But he actually turned out better than I thought he would be. That show really remade George Clooney’s career too. Gave him a second chance to show he can actually act, heh.

26 07 2010

Funnily enough, they shoved Stamos onto Entourage last night and I felt like kicking my TV in.

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