There’s a big lizard in my back yard…

28 07 2010

For some reason that song came to mind when I was thinking of a title, heh heh.

I started season 2 of Nip/Tuck last night, and something that I could see from pretty much the beginning of the series had finally come to a head and as I figured, things blew up in a very big way.

Today I decided to watch a couple episodes before I head out to the store with the Rabid Hyena Pair, and holy shit. I found myself yelling at the TV “Are you freakin’ kidding me? Seriously? THIS is happening?”. I wonder if it was sweeps week when that episode aired.

And of course I am going to continue watching the rest of the series, it went on for another 4 seasons so clearly this wasn’t the peak. I cannot help it I love the ridiculous drahmah of it…especially since I know it’s all fake. Also? I kinda like the medicalish aspect to it. Not too surprising since I watched ER the whole damn time it was on the air…even when they went to a place that I swore was the last straw. I still went back, like a junkie. Now Nip/Tuck is my new fix. I am not proud, but admitting your problem is the first step…right?




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