Kilts. And Long Mandarin Coats.

29 07 2010

So…Spouse arrived home tonight to find me glued to the goggle box, watching…yes, Nip/Tuck. He asked what it was and I just had to pause it and get him all caught up. See, the last time he saw any episodes I was in season 1. When he got home I was watching season 3. I filled him in on all the gritty, gory details…trying to explain what was going on up until this point…and as I was speaking, my brain was screaming “OMG this is SO fucked up! Listen to yourself! Why do you watch this show???”. And really? Hearing it described like that it does sound beyond ludicrous. It’s a damned train wreck when you just list the super crazy stuff that goes on, but it does not seem so ridiculous when I am actually watching it. Much like picking minute pieces of lint off a rug seems completely normal to a meth head. I mean at one point his jaw actually dropped when I revealed one juicy bit of info. I just held my hand up and said ‘Oh no. Tip of the fucking iceberg.” then revealed more. Honestly, I wonder if the writers all had a good laugh in their script planning sessions. What’s funny though, unlike most of those daytime soap type scenarios, all this wacky crap really comes off as completely pausible in the show…although if someone gives birth to a demon baby, that’s it. That goes well beyond Jumping the Shark and into It Was All Just a Dream territory. Now that I mention it…they actually used that dream thing in one episode. *facepalm*

Okay, so now that I have spewed all that drivel, I can get on to the real reason for my post. It’s not going to be another epic Sims post – I figured anyone reading this probably needed a break from that, heh – but I do have a couple things to show. When I registered my new games, I received 2000 ‘points’ for the Sims 3 store. These are used to buy EA made goodies like furniture, hair, clothing, etc. It was cool to get the free points, even if they don’t go too terribly far. I had some serious issues with getting them to actually install with the Ambitions EP, but after properly wording my google search I managed to find a solution before I mailed EA a steaming pile of cat feces with a snippy note. Anyway, there were two items that I just had to get based on my own twisted fetish-ey type thoughts. Tonight, when I decided to load up my game & play Yves (who was still working on that gallon of ice cream, btw) I remembered I had one of them. I also decided that making him have a daily job that he had to attend was a super drag and if I continued him along that path I was going to have to set him on fire or wall him in his bathroom* to get my kicks. So I made him quit and register as a self employed painter…even though his painting skill was nil. This way he can just work when he feels like it and his damned mood meter won’t always be in the range of Fair. I then sent him out to the Perfect Harvest community garden I had added to his town to have him collect high quality fruits and vegetables to sell for traveling money. Finally, it was off to Egypt for tomb raiding…in a tie & kilt. Yes, that’s right. Inappropriate tomb gear FTW!

Just look at his face. That is a face that clearly says he is suffering many, many indignities for my personal amusement. This from a man who plays his guitar, paints in his jockey shorts and eats nothing but waffles…like he has room to bitch. In fact, the only person he has ever rolled a wish to flirt with looked a bit like the crypt keeper and when he had a random woman stop by his house for a visit, he was more interested in cleaning his stove than actually chatting with her. This was after I had him greet her too!

Then, upon returning home from his first Egyptian travel fest, I remembered that I had also purchased a long mandarin coat…it’s the closest thing they had to a long priest’s coat, although I am quite positive if I did a search online I would find that someone has made a custom content one out there. Call me crazy, but I dig that look.

This photo says to me “Great. Are you happy now? Can I go play my guitar?” No. No I am not. You need to go clean the toilet while wearing that. Now.

Yes, I am a deranged individual.

*I actually did this when I started getting bored with the original Sims games. I would just torture them. I know…I am evil.




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