All About Yves: Or, The Smug French Bastard Finally Gets Laid

1 08 2010

Yves has made up for his lack of flirt in a very big way. Of course he’s sort of turned into a turbo slut of sorts. He never did roll a wish to flirt with, kiss, etc with anyone until he visited Egypt. And then, he seemed to fall hard for Youssef Nagi…rolling wishes to call him, invite him over, kiss him.

They would flirt back & forth and get to the point where I was sure they were going to try to hop in bed together, when things would cool again. Maybe it’s becasue the Al Simhara marketplace has no beds or tents readily available. *shrug*

At any rate, he soon decided he’d rather have a fling with DeAndre Wolff, one of the musicians he met during his former music career. Who was I to stand in the way of what the heart wants, so I had him invite him over. Turns out, DeAndre is not only a big flirt, but he’s also married. Very married. Not that this stopped them. Within moments, Yves was rolling a wish to not only kiss DeAndre, but to also serenade him. But I was determined to make Yves play the field. I didn’t care how cute he looked cuddling with DeAndre.

Inorite? You can almost hear Jimmy Sommerville playing in the background. And isn’t DeAndre’s robe pimptastic? When I run my game with the Story Progression mod, DeAndre ends up the town gigolo…always. Richard Gere has nothing on him.

I figured that any entanglement with DeAndre would wind up being a huge shitstorm of drama and all, what with his wife and children. So I sent Yves packing off to China. China was a cornucopia of excitement for Yves. In fact I decided to send him again and again until he achieved a level 3 visa and was able to purchase a home. In those inbetween visits, he would roll wishes to have either DeAndre visit or to have a charming man he met in China come stay for a bit. Enter Liang Yat Sen. I was pretty shocked at how well they hit it off, frankly. No one since Youssef had quite piqued his fancy. Oh sure he had his thing for DeAndre, but honestly that was just about blanket tag. DeAndre never seemed willing to commit. So despite repeated visits on lonely evenings, I made him move on. Within moments of Liang’s visit, however, Yves was wanting to cook for him, kiss him and yes, serenade him. Of course, the wish to serenade didn’t follow until well after sheets had been scorched and dreams had been dreamt.

Awww, don’t they look comfy? Liang is Atheletic and a Never-Nude…I forget his other traits, but apparently they were catnip for our french bastard. Although I have to question their relationship based upon some random dreams. Liang is on the right, Yves on the left.

They did eventually have matching dreams as night wore into morning. But that didn’t last too long.
Before I allowed Yves to settle down, however, I had him do loads more tomb raiding and attain vacation homes in all three foreign destinations. This involved much money making and yes, some cheating on my part, I will admit. I have little patience to amass a large fortune in this game and this translates into liberal use of the money cheat code. I am not proud, but it keeps my games from dragging out forever. I lose interest in a sim so fast that I bounce around a lot, as is evidenced by the various posts I have made, heh.
So anyway, I got him three vacation homes. Even pausing i France to have him chat up his base model, Yves and that Yves’ roomate Jules. No sparks flew. I was kind of hoping that they might with his base model, but that was purely for my own amusement.
I half expected that sim world to implode when this event occurred, but Yves (both of them) were safe.
No one in France seemed to catch his fancy at all. those trips while he was attaining his level 3 visa were a serious dry patch, woohooily speaking. Back to China it was as I wanted to get his martial arts skill up further before I shipped him back to Egypt to the more serious tomb raiding and a high martial arts level would ensure he could beat teh crap out of any mummies he encountered. A mummy’s curse is a serious bitch to have, let me tell you.
In China, more sims were chatted up but no one seemed to keep his interest like Liang had…well there was that one incident with the maid who shall remain nameless if only because I forgot his name, he registered that high on Yves’ scale, and was apparently only good for a one night stand. And let me say that Yves was a smooth operator getting him into his bed. It was like “Oh hai, you are a neat freak like me too! Cool, let’s screw!” and then he never wanted to call him again. Ever. In fact a new maid appeared the next day, a woman, and nothing more was seen of the cute little maid that did. I managed to snap a pic of him as he came over one night. Yves had met him while he was working but had rolled a wish to invite him over.
Basically, I felt this whole playing the field thing was very tedious and since Yves seemed to get along so well with Liang, I got them hitched. I mean come on! THere are tombs to plunder and Lifetime Wishes to be attained! It didn’t take much effort to get them married either since their chemistry was clearly sizzling. Once I had Liang in the house, I made some changes to those ridiculous pajamas he is always wearing and started him on his lifetime wish to be swimming in cash. Plus I got him started on the road to being more physically fit. He’s already got the athletic trait, and I suspect his manly physique is what drew Yves’ eye in the first place. Seriously. That dude is ripped.
And they seem to enjoy working each other out…sparring you pervs!
Liang looks FIERCE in that shot, and Yves looks almost slight in comparison to Liang’s rippling mantorso, LOL.
But, they seem happy and I left them honeymooning at their house in China. Maybe in a week or so I will progress them along more, but I took a break and rolled an Explorer Only character…a dude I decided was a Finnish man named Eino Kinnunen. *chuckle* Here’s a preview, although I doubt I will be blogging his story. He’s sort of boring storywise and I am more about raising his skills and getting him to fully explore 6 tombs in each foreign locale so he can achieve his Lifetime Wish.
Yeah, yeah. I know (ha ha!) He looks a bit like Yves. That’s ’cause I used the Yves I created to make him. I did try to change him enough so that they wouldn’t look like they are related or anything.
This ends the Saga of Yves…may he & Liang live happily ever after.
(When I logged in to their game to manipulate them into some follow up shots – Liang in his new boxers and them sparring – while I was writing, they went upstairs on their own and proceeded to give each other a real workout…on the exercise machine. First Liang training Yves then Yves training Liang, and back & forth until they were both reeking, starved and exhausted, lol. They truly are a gay married couple.)
I am going to apologize for the lack of space that starts after a certain point in the post. For some reason, my returns stopped working and I cannot for the life of me figure out why. When I edit, they are there. But as soon as I save, they are gone again. It’s pissing me off.



2 responses

1 08 2010

This is all because you made the poor bastard roam around in a skirt.

3 08 2010

He LOVED it!

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