Destination, Jurassic Park Lite

1 08 2010

I had this dream last night. Spouse and I were driving with the Rabid Hyena Pair somewhere, in some unknown city (unknown but completely known. I have many a dream that features this nameless, unknown city so I have become familiar with it). I kept making out of the way turns to avoid all the dinosaurs that were blocking the roads.

Me: “I am NOT going to sit at that stop light while that T-Rex is there. He will eat us, car and all. Man…why are there so many more dinosaurs out than usual?”

Spouse: “Well, it’s the climate change. Global warming equals cooler temperatures and cooler temperatures mean more dino activity. They thrive in this shit.”

So see this wasn’t a nightmare, oh no. All of this was completely NORMAL in my dreamiverse. I do want to point out that the dinosaurs were smaller than real dinosaurs. For instance, the T-Rex, while large enough to try to eat our car, was no taller than the traffic lights. But they were literally everywhere. Elephant sized brontosauruses that were stripping the leaves off the trees, pterodactyls perched on the tops of buildings like peregrine falcons. No furry or feathered creatures around anywhere that I could see, but I assume with all that dino action, they had been eaten or were in hiding . I woke up with us not actually reaching our destination (I think we were headed home…again it was a completely unknown but totally familiar home) because I was trying to go through the park and it was over run with velociraptors the size of turkeys. I wasn’t concerned about them harming us, but that there were so many I would squash some. And everyone knows how difficult it is to get velociraptor blood and scales out of your grill and undercarriage.




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1 08 2010

I dreamed of flying rats with tiny brainwave control helmets on that allowed them to be remote controlled. I don’t know who was controlling them, but the person needs a spanking.

3 08 2010

Wow. Good to know I am not the only one who has freaky dreams.

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