It’s stifling even where the sun doesn’t shine.

3 08 2010

It is ridiculously hot outside, so hot that we are under an excessive heat advisory warning until tomorrow evening. I do not plan on setting foot outside at all today, in fact I am so dead set against leaving the house that when I took a shower today, I just pulled on clean pajamas instead of proper clothes. I am really glad that I made that soup yesterday because we didn’t end up having it for dinner last night and instead had leftovers from lunch. Funny story about the soup. Did you know that a crock pot doesn’t cook nearly as well when you don’t plug it in? Doesn’t matter that you set it to high and walked away, apparently that won’t get your food cooked. So when I discovered my blunder two hours later and plugged the damn thing in, it wasn’t done in time for dinner. So I just ladled it into two freezer containers, froze one and we will have the other tonight and I don’t have to cook. Making scrambled eggs and toast for lunch was as much as I care to heat up the kitchen for today.

In other news, I completely lied. I did step outside. Had to get the mail, and then I mopped the kitchen and am now sweating like a wildebeest. I guess it’s not only oppressively hot, but humid beyond belief as well. Our poor central air is having a hell of a time keeping up. Bleah, now I feel like i need to shower again.

PS…you know what blows the most about weather like this? Butt sweat. That is the absolute worst thing EVER. I praise the inventors of those flushable wipes, just sayin’. Now I bet not a one of you wants to read this blog again, ever.




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