Random crap and some Sims 3 garbage

5 08 2010

Another hotter than hell day out and the second day in a row that the Rabid Hyena Pair have had a couple of school friends over to visit. You’d think having 4 grade school aged boys in the house would be chaos, but it’s not. The Hyena Pair actually fight far less when they have friends here. So, since the kids were well occupied, I decided to play a new sim I had made in a new town I had downloaded.

Her name is Miko Sakura, she looks quite a bit like Odette (since she’s made from the Odette template, heh) and apparently she is a turbo whore. She rolled a wish to invite some dude she met in China to come for a visit. Once he was there she rolled wishes to become best friends, kiss him for the first time and flirt with him, which she then did. Turns out, he had a baby mama back in China, so I had her ask him to break up with her…because I am evil that way. He did, but upon her next visit to China (this was after he tried to knock her up three times and succeeded once…luckily I was there with the Master Controller Coathanger) he had up and married the baby mama. Hrmmmm, what to do what to do…I had her visit their home to stir some shit, heh heh. The following events happened after she visited. She was bored to death by loverboy’s wife, chatted up and played tag with loverboy’s daughter and was flirted with and flirted back with loverboy’s single brother. She then proceeded to have sex with the brother in loverboy’s bed while his wife complained, THEN climbed into bed with married loverboy after the brother asked her to stay over. This, of course, pissed the wife off to no end. Since that fateful trip, she has had the brother over to visit, had him repeatedly try to impregnate her and bought a home in China…where she is currently having rampant sex with the brother. I shit you not. I did not do a thing but facilitate her wish rolls since I took her to visit the married dude’s house, lol. Any wish rolls she has for making with the woohoo with the visiting brother, she manages on her own, and they are like rabbits. She never rolls any wishes to be his girlfriend or to live with him or anything so all I can assume is that she is using him for sex. I hope so. And no children of theirs will be allowed to be. He has a nose that you could land a DC 10 on.

I didn’t take any photos because I didn’t plan on making a story blog entry about her sluttiness.

Oh holy crap. She was invited over to visit his house, by the married loverboy…they then proceeded to bang in his marriage bed while his brother, daughter, and wife were right outside the door. Apparently the brother has gotten married since he came over to her house in China and tried to impregnate her repeatedly, so he is no longer a love interest. But I am shocked that the married guy (Zhan is his name) is still one, heh. This time I snapped a photo of the pair sleeping and cuddling in his marriage bed. This is what happens when you have autonomous woohoo and story progression mods in I guess. CHAOS! *facepalm*




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