I vant to suck your blud….or something

15 08 2010

In my dreams lately I have been smoking and eating a large rare steak. When I am awake I think about smoking sometimes and I have been craving red meat for ages. I wonder if this means I am anemic and need more stimulants. Or maybe I am just becoming a nicotine-addicted vampire. No really…think about it. I have this aversion to sunlight and heat these days, I cannot sleep at night and I am craving bloody, red meat. I saw that old Jim Carrey vampire movie…I know what it all means. Soon I will be wearing sunglasses all the time and asking the butcher for pints of pig’s blood. I wear a lot of black already, so that’s covered.

Of course this is all postulation and brain gas. Rabid Hyena the Elder starts school tomorrow, so CLEARLY I will have to haul myself and him and his brother up at 7 am regardless of how late I was up the night before, and I will have to go out in the bright morning sun. No frying to a crisp for me! I will also be homeschooling Rabid Hyena the Younger soon, so no more playing Sims 3 or Dragon Age or whatever all day long, pausing only to make food for myself & the Hyena Pair, do the dishes or run through the house doing a quick pick up, but not actually doing much at all really. I do not know wtf has been with me the past couple months or so, but I am going to make myself get shit done from now on. I have to, for myself and my own sanity and because it needs done. If I don’t get my shit together and do it…it won’t get done. Time to pull my own head out of my ass. Someone has to.

And I just realized that we have no ketchup and I didn’t think to get any when I was at the store earlier. We are having burgers for dinner…and we have no ketchup. YAY!




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17 08 2010
I.M. Pangs

Why would you need ketchup for burgers?

Now, go do something!

18 08 2010

Rabid Hyena the Younger likes ketchup and mustard on his burgers, I like ketchup and mayo on mine. I managed to scrounge two packets of ketchup for his, but I myself made do with…wow, now I cannot even recall what I put on mine, maybe it was just mayo. The burgers tasted yummy, but smelled like ass and gave me gastric issues all night…probably because they were loaded with ground onions. Yes, once again I admit to the internets that I was a sexy, sexy gasbag the other evening. DELIGHTFUL!

17 08 2010

^ That was me, btw 😛

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