Screw you Blizzard…no, REALLY!

18 08 2010

I have been saying for months that I was completely meh about the new World of Warcraft expansion, Cataclysm. Telling people that I was completely done with WoW and that I won’t even buy the EP. In fact, for months I had zero desire to even play the damn game, leaving various 70+ toons to languish on their varied servers. Then last Friday, Not Really My Sister told me that she had a hankering for puttering around in Azeroth again and decided to renew her account for a month. Because we apparently share a brain, this made me think ‘Hey…why don’t I see if Spouse wants to renew our accounts and we can see how far we get our Alliance-scum Frost Mage – Elemental Shaman duo. What could be better than a Friday date of Sarpino’s pizza and some WoW action. 10 minutes into playing, Spouse said “Hey let’s round up a bunch of these kobolds and mow them down!” See, we used to do this all the time. Him on one of his frost mages and me with my shaman or shadowpriest. He rounds them up, freezes them in place and then drops a blizzard on their heads while I either chain lightening or mind-flay them and heal when necessary. We leave piles of corpses in our wake and it’s a shit load of fun. But, I was woefully ill prepared for such a thing and it had been almost a year since I’d even played my shaman. He almost died. Later we did die a few times while I tried to remember how to play. After 3 hours of our playdate I had decided that I absolutely could not play WoW anymore. Now that I am on the prozac-train, I realized that it makes me edgy and angsty…this is how I used to feel all the time before the sweet tang of amphetamines and fluxetine in my bloodstream, and now after seeing the flipside of this I do not want to go back. I decided that I would just screw around for the next month, maybe gathering herbs and selling them or whatever until my month ran out and then I would cancel again. I couldn’t even bring myself to play my Horde Shadowpriest with his Frost mage on Monday when I had even suggested earlier in the day that we play after the Hyenas were in bed.

Then yesterday, it happened. I decided to kill some time and take my druid out to herb and such. She’s 80, has awesome gear and I love playing her…plus herbs are one of the few things that still sell well in the auction house. Of course Not Really My Sister had decided to play too (shared brain, remember?) and we got to chitty-chatting about Cataclysm and the new races. This prompted me to google how the Worgen females were supposed to look and I found this:

That’s a Worgen female in leather. My brain said “HOLY SHIT! I can play a leather-clad furry? I am SO THERE!” That is seriously all it took for my anti-WoW resolve to crumble. I am not even kidding here.

Consequently, I did play my Horde shadowpriest last night with Spouse’s frost mage and we had so much fun – completely angstless too, I think this is because I really don’t like playing my shaman and I ❤ my shadowpriest – that my doom is now etched in stone, sealed in concrete and dropped into the Marianas Trench. I even made sure I have two slots available on our favorite server for a goblin mage and a worgen rogue when Cataclysm does come out. And just in case I had any second thoughts about such, Spouse kindly gtalked me this link mere seconds before I started this post.

I am so very, very weak.




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