Ridiculous Happenings

25 08 2010

Having been lost in a World of Warcraft/Veronica Mars induced fog and not having much to say that wouldn’t make even dust bored beyond all belief, I have not been hitting ye olde bloge of late. I haven’t spent ALL my time in front of my computer or television…so don’t hop on the judgey mcjudgerstein wagon just yet. Dishes have been done, food has been prepared. Just nothing really blog-like has occurred. Of course this is a complete cop out as I have posted the most banal and tedious shite on here and not batted an eye, so maybe the truth is I have just been lazy when it comes to blogging or writing at all. HOWEVER…the past few days, a couple of things have occurred that not only made me chuckle but that appear to be somewhat blog worthy. First of all, the company that picks up the trash here at Chez Coffee & Amphetamines decided to not pick ours up on Monday. They got the rest of the street…just skipped over ours. Curious, I called said company and asked why they did not pick up our trash. I was told it was because we cancelled our service back in February…on the 2nd to be exact. BUH? Incredulous, I asked her what the last date they received payment was…I was positive that we had been paying our bills for this, I mean it’s August FFS. Last date they received payment was in March she tells me. Hrmmmm. Well I do know that unless we get a bill for services rendered, we don’t pay on anything and it had been a while it seems since we had received a trash bill…sad that husband and i hadn’t noticed. BUT, see, they didn’t fail to pick up our garbage bags this week because we were months delinquent with our bill, no no. They stopped because the service had been cancelled…in February. Nevermind that until this week, our trash has been picked up every week without fail. I suppose I should be grateful that we didn’t have to pay for the last 6 months or so, but I am still wondering what the hell is going on over at the trash company. I reinstated service and they came to pick up our trash yesterday and everyone is happy and stuff. Then today, I received a call – one I didn’t answer because I wasn’t in the mood to chat – from someone at trash service. She left a message apologizing for the missed pickup, hoping that everything was resolved and to give her a call. She left a number. I have yet to call back. I mean I can understand them maybe making a mistake and picking up our trash when service had been cancelled, but not for almost 6 months after it had supposedly been cancelled.  In fact, when I called on Monday to find out what was going on, the person I spoke to said maybe this past Monday there was a new driver or something. Yes, this explains it all. Does that mean only new trash truck drivers actually read the customer route? Also there’s the fact that neither myself or Spouse cancelled our trash service. Perhaps an angry neighbor thought they would be funny and cancel it, but the joke’s on them as it clearly backfired and we instead received almost 6 months of free trash and recycling service.

Another thing that occurred this week also happened on Monday…Monday evening to be exact. Actually in retrospect it was more like Tuesday morning around 1 or 2 am. Spouse & I were headed to bed and were listening to NPR before drifting off. This might have occurred on a different day and we might have actually been getting up and not going to bed…the details on that are fuzzy. However, there was a woman discussing the recent mine cave-in in Chile, where the 33 or 34 miners ave been trapped for 20 days with minimal food and might very well be trapped there until Christmas. Now this event is not what made me chuckle, in fact this is terrible and I am shocked that those men will be down there that long. I cannot imagine what’s going to happen to them mentally and physically in the coming days and I will be thinking good thoughts for them until they are rescued. What made me chuckle was when the woman discussing the horrific event with the BBC reporter said that the rock slide that caused the cave in was the ‘size of an apartment’. Is this a new increment of measurement, and what size of apartment? Are we talking a studio or an efficiency or a penthouse here? I mean I know people use the term ‘as big as a house’ for hyperbolic statements, but this was a woman calmly discussing facts about a serious story and she actually said ‘the size of an apartment’…and no, English was not her second language. Epic FACEPALM.

Now off I go to prepare the Garlic Naan-Crusted Refried Bean Pizza we are having for dinner.




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25 08 2010

I hope your March payment was for services prior to Feb 2. Otherwise, they should give you that money back 😛

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