26 08 2010

Because I mentioned my partial haze of World of Warcraft in an earlier post this week, I feel obliged to share a photo of the Gnome Death Knight that has captured some of my free time lately. Gnomes are an alliance race, and while I am not particularly fond of Alliance-Scum (coughcoughFOR THE HORDEcough), I do want to play a Werewolf when the Cataclysm expansion comes out, and since the Worgen are an Alliance race, I decided I needed a high level character to support the armor habits of a leather-wearing werewolf rogue. Death Knights can be of any race and start life at level 55…plenty of time to get to 80 by November and super nice as a gold farming toon. I cannot abide with playing a Human or Dwarf, have had too many Night Elves in the past and while I despise Gnomes when I play Horde (really, I do. I wish I could drop kick them), the idea of a Gnome Death Knight made me chuckle muchly. Not Really My Sister felt the same and so we rolled a pair of them. Meet Bittybop:

Why yes, she does have green tri-tails hair. It’s one of the things that amuses me about her. She is currently flying in place in the skies above Zangarmarsh and has been off & on for the last hour or so while I made various phone calls, did laundry, swept the hallway and composed blog entries. Not much levelling going on, but it’s all for fun anyway. Fun and gold-making. And now I leave you again, this time with some Groove Armada. This just came on my Pandora station:




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