My home, the sweat lodge

26 08 2010

I am not sure what level of hell my house is at the moment, but I am sure it’s one of the less nasty ones….perhaps even a high level of purgatory. Recently the weather changed drastically from hotter than a Manila whore’s naughty bits (this time I chose to pick on the Phillipines rather than poor much-abused Haiti) to nice & spring-like. Naturally, this prompted me to shut off the electric-sucking AC and open all the windows last night. It was deliciously cool while we slept and was pleasant this morning too. However, as the day has grown warmer, it’s become damned humid in here. It’s not oppressive by any means – honestly I have been in worse, like Louisiana in June, UUUUGH – but it’s enough that I feel like a sweating wildebeest everytime I do something around the house. I won’t crack though. I have a firm resolve to not turn the AC back on unless the temp inside hits the mid to high 80s. I hope I can withstand the 70% humidity that comes along with it. My neighbors, on the other hand, seem to think an ice age is coming. Around 8:20ish this morning I detected what smelled suspiciously like chicken on a charcoal grill, and I complained about the weirdness of it to my Plurk-friends…many of whom chastised me for thinking it odd. Yes, yes…someone could be grilling chicken for a lunchtime salad, this is not unheard of I am sure. It is weird for my suburban enclave on a thursday morning though. The smell, I discovered, is none other than someone’s fireplace. Seriously. Someone thinks that 74-84 degrees fahrenheit warrants lighting up some firewood to take that ‘horrible’ chill out of the air. Maybe they are from sub-tropical ancestral stock or something…

And now I must move away from a sitting position. Not only because I need to get some more things done around here but also to keep TankCat from licking the perfume oil off of my arms. Seriously. She’s insane and apparently has a fetish for Black Alchemy Labs’ Pele. It’s heavy on the hawaiian white ginger, so perhaps that’s what she is digging on.




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