Feline Apocalypse

2 10 2010

I inadvertantly started a war between OlderCat and TankCat this morning. All I did was have the audacity to allow OlderCat to climb in my lap and be petted. This caused TankCat (who regards me as her personal property) to jump onto the arm of my chair and stare OlderCat into quitting the battle field. It didn’t stop there either, oh no. TankCat then proceeded to stalk OlderCat all over the house, not attacking, hissing or swiping…just being really, really annoying.

TankCat does annoying SO well.




2 responses

3 10 2010

You caused a war. Congrats. Not everyone can say that.

6 10 2010

Indeed. Usually someone has to get shot or invaded…

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