8 10 2010

That is the sound I make at 12:30 am when I am fighting off a sneeze feeling that has rendered my facial muscles incapable of any semblance of a look that is not a scrunched-up grimace, one eye watering mercilessly and pulled into a squint that would make any pirate envious…oh yeah, it’s AWESOME! All of this after I had taken a prescription allergy pill too…one of those 24 hour ones. I finally had to take a generic, over-the-counter sudafed (the kind that doesn’t require a driver’s license, signature in blood and your first born presented in a tidily wrapped package at the pharmacy counter to obtain) just to be able to breathe well enough to sleep without the nagging concern of choking to death on a wad of my own mucus.

I suppose this could easily be solved if I were to shut all of the windows I have open to the absolutely gorgeous temperatures (and, obviously the invisible clouds of pollen that are clearly suffusing every delightful breeze that wafts in), but we do not need the AC or the heater on at the moment, and I am cheap and prefer to save for christmas and birthday gifts rather than unnecessarily heat or cool the house, and so I suffer. But I suffer well…




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9 10 2010

U paint a purty piture, missy!

9 10 2010


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