Free books, YAY!

10 10 2010

I recently downloaded a free app for my iPhone that allows me to download and read Kindle books on it. I did this because Spouse had informed me that I he is buying me a Kindle for my b-day (which, btw is today but I told him to wait to get me the Kindle since my car need new brakes first), and I wanted to be able to read my Kindle books in bed and also I am an impatient wench and couldn’t wait to start buying books. I immediately found a few freebies on Amazon and proceeded to snatch them up. They are all classics, btw…none of which I have read previously but am familiar with. I then ventured into the world of actually BUYING a couple Kindle books, purchasing ‘101 Places Not to See Before You Die’ and ‘Packing For Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void’. I think it took me less than 12 hours to read the first one, and then I started on ‘Packing for Mars’. I absolutely LOVE the author of that one…I own three of her other books and she has this way of taking a subject that I am already interested in and making me enjoy it even more. Plus? I totally learn shit when I read her books. I got to maybe 1/4 of the way through the book, maybe 1/5th (I would say what page I am on, but being that the pages are as big as my iPhone screen and each ‘page’ is really a section of 3 numbers, there are quite a lot more than are in the regular print version, heh. Okay, I am on section 1156-1158 of 4550 some.) where was I? Oh yeah, I got about that far through the book when I decided it was time for some fiction. Not wanting to slog my way through Emma, Anne of Green Gables or Beauty and the Beast (I did this on a free classics book reader on my iPhone last winter. It took me many months of sushi lunches to get through Pride & Prejudice and let me tell you Darcy is an ass and Elizabeth Bennet is a bit of a twatwaffle…but I digress), I hunted down some free recently written kindle fiction. I decided that if any of the ones I nabbed suck, then I can just archive them and be rid of them. I had a feeling that I would enjoy reading them though…last Christmas I bought $50 worth of clearance books off of Barnes & with a gift card my father-in-law had given me and not a one of those books did I not read, in fact a few of them I have reread since then…and none of those were over $5. So yeah, I got some free books. WHEEEE!

Last night I started reading ‘Outlander’ by Diana Gabaldon, and am now completely immersed in it (I have also discovered that the author has several others in the series, Outlander being the first…I have potential reading material for a good long time). It’s an historical fiction with some time-travelling and kilt clad Scotsmen in it…what’s not to like? I was worried at first that it might be some kind of historical romance type thing…I don’t mind love stories in my books as long as they are not actually of the ‘Romance Novel’ genre. There needs to be quite a lot more story in there too for me to really enjoy it. And I really do enjoy me some historical fiction. I figured that since the cover of the book didn’t have a Fabio-wannabe looking pensive on a moor in full clansman regalia that it was a pretty safe bet. I wasn’t wrong…but man, it’s LONG. The print version is 600 pages itself, so this makes me ever-so-pleased that I don’t have that heavy ass thing to hold on to and get wrist cramps. The best thing about reading on my iPhone is that while yes, the screen is small, it is backlit. So I set the ‘pages’ to white text on black background and I can totally read in bed without a light while Spouse sleeps. I don’t strain my wrists or my eyes and honestly, the small screen doesn’t bother me in the slightest. Turning the pages simply involves brushing my thumb across the right edge of the screen. Bliss I tell you!

Plus…FREE books that I don’t have to store/dust! Wewt!




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10 10 2010

I always put free classics on my phone. You never know when you need to waste a minute or 90.

10 10 2010

I need to put the kindle version of the Sherlock Holmes collection on there too. I was a kid when I last read those.

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