Bean Artistry

19 10 2010

Yesterday afternoon I placed some bay leaves in the bottom of my crock pot, put a couple of frozen (yes. I was too lazy to thaw them…well that and this was kind of a spur of the moment decision) chicken leg quarters on top, sprinkled them with a crushed peppercorn & garlic rub (there are other spices in the rub, but the label refuses to list them as anything but ‘spices’…I just liked the way it smelled and thought it would be good to use), covered them with two cans of chicken broth and cranked the pot to high. I allowed these to cook for about 6 hours, then removed the chicken to cool and turned off the crockpot. I had also been soaking some black turtle beans in water this whole time and around 11:30 pm I added the beans to the stock in the pot, shredded the chicken (after removing all the fat, skin and crap first), added a little more of the crushed peppercorn & garlic rub, some oregano, chili powder and a couple small handfuls of crumbled bacon, set the crock pot to low and cooked it overnight. When I got up this morning at 7am, I promptly checked the beans to see if they were soft (they were) then added a can of crushed tomatoes, some molasses (unsulphured blackstrap), a little granulated garlic, and a tad more chili powder and oregano. I am going to allow this to cook all day on low and shall serve it tonight with dried corn chunk-laden corn bread.

I realize this isn’t a recipe, but this is kinda how I cook…it’s all like an artsy science project or something.




2 responses

19 10 2010

I’ll bring a jar of hooch and my own spork!

19 10 2010

I just tasted, seasoned and retasted this and it’s perfect. I am going to serve it ladled over hot, broken up chunks of cornbread. Perfect for the nippy fall weather.

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