Fresh Hell

8 11 2010

OlderCat has now decided that sharing a food bowl with TankCat is completely beneath her.

I was sitting here at my desk, perusing the Reddit when I heard a strange sound from the kitchen. Instead of investigating, I just raised my voice and said “Hey? What’s going on in there?” (And no, I didn’t think Rabid Hyena the Younger was in there either…he was at his desk in the living room, doing his math. So yes, I am admitting to talking to my cats as though they can understand me. But honestly? Sometimes I think they can and that they mock me on a daily basis, but this is fodder for a later post.) At the sound of my yell, OlderCat wanders around the corner licking her chops and looking sheepish. Naturally I ran in there to investigate, only to find that she’d climbed onto the shelf and gnawed a hole in the cat food bag…despite there being a completely full bowl of kibble on the floor.

In retrospect, this is a much easier to deal with development than the one that started a few months ago. The one where OlderCat decided she would not use any litter box that TankCat has previously befouled…so she opts to use the floor of the bathroom, the tub or more convenient surfaces like Rabid Hyena the Older’s old jacket that he neglected to hang on the coat rack. Oh yes. It’s been a veritable THRILL RIDE of disgusting surprises. Hmmm, maybe she’s just getting senile…




One response

10 11 2010

I was watching a show about dogs earlier today and they mentioned some study or another claiming that dogs understand somewhere in the range of 150 words and I immediately wondered, given my own vocabulary, what else besides swearing my dog might understand.

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