Cooking is Alchemy

2 01 2011

It started with a quart or two of water, some garlic, bay leaves, herbes de provence and one smoked ham shank. Ham shank boiled, covered, until I thought the broth had achieved the right color (water was added during this process – around 2 cups at a time – when there was too much boil off), then said shank was removed to cool near an open window. One pound or so of dry black eyed peas then went in and the cover replaced…much checking to assure that the water levels remain consistent and nothing is getting too dry and burny (YES, ‘burny’ is a proper alchemical term!). After a time, the cooled and now diced shank meat was returned to the bubbling pot, along with a generous splash of worcestershire sauce. The pot was recovered and the brew allowed to further simmer. When the peas were deemed to be al dente, the bay leaves were removed, broth tasted, a sprinkling of salt and drizzle of molasses added. Much stirring commenced and the stew was allowed to simmer merrily away until I decided it was the right thickness and the beans just the right texture. Fire is now off and they sit, covered, awaiting the cornbread still cooking in the oven. How it ends remains to be seen after my family are subjected to the experiment.

There are no times or accurate measurements listed here nor were such things observed. Just a smidgen of this and a dollop of that. That seems to be how I cook the best, heh.

The cornbread was from a paper package, so there’s no alchemy there. I know, I KNOW…but I happened to have it and no cornmeal on hand. SUE ME.




4 responses

3 01 2011
I.M. Pangs

This part especially reminds me of alchemy “much checking to assure that the. After ”

The kind of alchemy where the wizened teacher never quit tells all she knows.

3 01 2011

HA! Remedying that NOW.

3 01 2011

Fixed and thank you for catching that. When I ‘proof read’ I only scanned for misspelled words.

BTW, the beans were freaking yummy and we had no leftovers.

3 01 2011
I.M. Pangs

I liked it the way it was! 😛

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