Random Brain Goo

9 01 2011

It’s one of those kind of days today. It’s all cold and snowy out so I don’t want to go anywhere and beyond doing dishes, using the toilet and making food (definitely not in that exact order) I don’t want to do shit but sit here and play World of Warcraft and maybe do some reading later. Tonight I have a sort of minestrone soup planned for dinner. I have no recipe (as usual) but am just going to create it from the recesses of my cobwebby brain. However, that doesn’t need to be started for several hours so I am amusing myself with levelling up various alliance scum characters on ye olde WoW. At the moment, my victim of choice is my worgen rogue, Angwa:

I had wanted to name her Angua for a werewolf character from Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books, but the name was taken on that server. BOOO! I have been amusing myself with pickpocketing everyone that I can, wantonly slaughtering small mammals and eviscerating humanoids that irritate me. Or, “Things I REALLY Wish I Could Get Away With In The Real World”. Except for the slaughter of small mammals…I am not that evil.

So many changes occurred in WoW’s world of Azeroth with the Cataclysm expansion. Worgens and Goblins as playable races, all new quests, a changed landscape and also some classes open to races that previously were restricted from playing such. (I dithered how exactly I would word that last sentence and finally gave up, so that’s what you get. HA HA! Suffer with my hideous grammar!) One of these is that Night Elves – prissy, prissy creatures – can now be mages. A class that has always been expressly forbidden in the past. Of course I had to make a Night Elf Mage for the sheer perversity of it. And I feel deliciously filthy with every frostbolt I cast, heh heh heh.




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