Midnight Train Going Anywhere

27 01 2015

I have another surgery on my wrist tomorrow to correct a minor issue with my vein-work. It’s not likely to be nearly as invasive as the last one and my recovery time should be less, however, I am still a little nervous about it and cannot sleep. I also have a wicked tension headache from all the nerves, so that’s not helping either. I just plan on staying up as long as I need to, then getting up at 6:30 am, showering and whatnot, ten Spouse will drive me to the hospital. I can sleep later. Since I am awake anyway, I decided to try to do a little writing, even if it’s just this. It’s this or reading some crappy fiction, watching shitty TV or going down some obsessive internet rabbit hole.

Naturally, this posting is paused with bouts of surfing reddit, the occasional glance at facebook & twitter and obsessive googling…and me singing along with Journey’s Greatest Hits. Yeah, I have been on a serious Journey kick lately. No clue where that is coming from. Even now I am struggling to hammer this into some semblance of a coherent paragraph.

Spouse was editing some old video of the Rabid Hyena Pair earlier tonight and shared the completed files with me. I had to stop watching because they were making me cry just thinking how my mom wasn’t around now to see how the boys have grown so much. It’s coming up on a year (in March) since her death and while I don’t cry over it as much, I still think of her almost every day. It all still seems so surreal. I even have a message she left me a year ago, still on my phone. She was pissed and irritated with me when she left it, and it makes me so sad that this is the only record I have of her voice. Okay, time for me to start distracting myself with shiny, pretty things so I won’t dwell.




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