The One Where My Head Makes Me Really, Really Sad

29 01 2015

I inadvertently watched a Lifetime movie today. Okay, so it wasn’t completely by chance, I happened to see the movie on the Netflix and decided to watch it despite the sketchy name, and I continued to watch after I saw the Lifetime logo flash up. So yes, I bear full responsibility for choosing to continue viewing. I won’t go into details, but the movie ended up pissing me off and apparently coloring the dream I just had when I fell into an early evening nap.

The Dream

Imagine if you will, a woman and two children walking down a set of cement stairs on a college campus. One of the children, a girl of about 8, is carrying a baby. Suddenly, at the top of the stairs a group of 3 young men come careening around a corner and down the stairs, in a golf cart. The woman and children are bumped, and they fall down the stairs. The baby flies from the child’s arms and hits the stairs head first. Yeah, I know…it was really difficult for me to type that too, but this is what happened in my dream. So this is the first action that drives the plot of this head-movie, and I bet you are assuming that the rest involved how the driver of the golf cart was tried and convicted, with scenes of courtroom drama…but you would be wrong. No, because my brain apparently decided that was far too easy of a scenario. Nope, instead the woman walking with the children is vilified by everyone. She receives death threats constantly; people call her a horrible mother for making her 8 year old child carry a baby; she is viciously admonished for not having the baby in a carrier or stroller; experts are even called in to access the shoes the 8 year old was wearing, determining that they were too slippery to be worn on hard surfaces and that the mother should have known better. What does not happen, what no one ever addresses, is why the young men were driving so recklessly in an area that was clearly a potential hazard as well as a pedestrian only walkway…and no one ever says “That poor woman”.

I woke up soon after this, so I cannot tell you how things ended, but I thought it was an interesting view into my weird psyche. I don’t know if all the ridiculous misplaced outrage over things that seems prevalent in our society today is what made me think of this, or if it’s my rage at how some males in this world seem allowed to get away with almost anything. I am certainly not a man-hating feminist, so I doubt that is the seed of the dream and I am not a pro-life nut job who has channeled my anger about that into a metaphor for hating women who choose abortion. Yeah, I have no idea what processes my brainmeats went through to conjure such a thing, but it certainly made me angry enough to wake myself up and post this. Heh.




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16 02 2015
Aaron J Henderson

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