This is a public service announcement…with guitar

29 01 2015

Not really. What it is, however, is me making a wee post about getting a free 48 hour trial of Sims 4. Huzzah! Meet Nathaniel Morse, my first ever Sim 4 sim:


Nate likes gardening, video games and collecting fossils. In short, Nate is a geek. Nate also likes fish tacos. No, that is not a euphemism. He likes them so much he thinks about eating them while he is eating them:


When he isn’t thinking about himself while eating them:


Okay, maybe there is a little bit of guitar:


Nate has a job on the writing career path. Currently his job title is blogger and on his off days his daily tasks involve reading a lot of books. Poor Nate, what a chore to sit around in his jimjams on the sofa, doing nothing but eating cereal and reading. How he suffers to pay the bills!





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