Manwich: A Sims 4 Story – Chapter 1

14 02 2015

So, I have been cracked out of Sims 4 for a week or more now and have tortured all manner of sims. Today I decided to make a house with three roommates, all romantic and flirty and see where it goes. The propensity for drama is high when you have 3 flirty sims under one roof, at least this was my thought.

First of all, let me explain that I am not playing without mods of any kind and I am not above cheating simoleons should the need arise. Some of those mods make things easier and the simoleon cheat as well as the free real estate cheat make this scenario I have work well. The mods I am using are as follows: Autonomous Interactions (this one makes your sims do things that previously would need user interaction to precipitate, like brushing their teeth at a sink in a park, heh), Emotional Overcharge (this one makes the sims choose actions based on their moods more than the base game allows. So an angry sim is more likely to say mean things to a friend. This ups the potential for silly drama.), Keep Instruments in Inventory, and Faster Gardening. The last two are fairly self explanatory. I also made rules for myself that only allow me to force them to do any interactions for certain whims and then only occasionally. All other times I have to sit on my hands and just let things play out. This is hard for me to do as I have a tendency to want to micromanage my sims, but it certainly makes things more ‘real’. I also am playing with the aging turned off, so should a child happen it will stay the same age forever, which is a chilling thought.

In the interest of spicing things up a bit, I made 3 sims…well I made two and downloaded a third. I decided that their back story is that they are 3 trustafarians who love to piss their parents off with their life choices, but are still fully funded by said parents. In this way, I can cheat them simoleons and into more expensive property. I specifically chose occupations and aspirations that would irritate successful parents too. Let’s meet the cast:


First off we have Alistair Therin. This is a sim I downloaded from the Community Gallery and he is based on Alistair Therin from the Dragon Age games. Yes, I am showing a geek-crush here, sue me! Alistair is an active, art loving romantic. I set his aspiration as Painter Extraordinaire. The romantic trait ensures that a sim is a flirt, active means they like to exercise and art lover drives his desire to paint.


Next we have Tristan Bacon. Tristan is the product of some sim gene play with Alistair and another of my created sims, Nate. Yes, I am well aware of the incest-like potential that exists in putting him in a house with a flirty Alistair. That’s kind of the point! I have played Tristan with Alistair in other games and they got along so well that I thought  they would make good roomies. Tristan is an outgoing, romantic but noncommittal sim. This means he gains powerful moodlets from friendly socialization, is flirty but gets tense with stability, be it relationship or job related. He has the aspiration to be a Joke Star, a comedian.


Finally, we have our one female sim, Simone Belle. Simone was a sim I originally created as a gorgeous but insane neighbor for another game, but I love her looks and decided to tweak her hair, clothing and traits and thus this version was born. Simone is a cheerful but clumsy romantic who has the aspiration to become a Master Mixologist…a bartender. This means she is generally happier than other sims, falls more often during activities – but is still positive about it, usually laughing it off – and on top of all that, she is a flirt.

This is what I am working with here and I dumped them all into this house:

ManwichHouseIt’s a lavishly decorated Mediterranean style house I downloaded off of the Community Gallery and placed on that lot. That it has three bedrooms and a pool was the main attraction for me. Within minutes of entering the house, this occurred which made me feel my roommate choices were perfect…maybe too perfect.


They all seem to get along REEEEEALLY well, to the point that I have yet to see any drama whatsoever. It is still early days yet, but I am thinking they might all just be too nice to each other and I may have to create a stick to stir the shit. (yes, Alistair appears to be naked in that shot, but rest assured he is wearing a swimming suit…nuthuggers, but his groin is covered nonetheless.)

I set about getting the trio set up in the jobs that match their aspirations, Alistair as a Palette Cleaner, Tristan as an Amateur Entertainer and Simone to become an Assistant Dishwasher when her aspiration dictates that she find a job. Meanwhile, they can all practice to raise their skills for each of their prospective aspirations.

AlistairPaintsAlistair with the most basic of painting skills, but at least he is trying!

TristanJokesTristan’s first attempt at joke telling. He was good enough to at least draw Simone & Alistair over and make them laugh a bit too.


Yes this is Simone tending bar and practicing making drinks…in her pajamas. Hey, she has no job at the moment, why not be comfy?

Lives moves fairly sedately at Chez Bacon-Therin-Belle. I was expecting at least some crazy flirting and drama, but so far nothing. Although Simone and Alistair seem to have hit it off in a more romantic way. They managed to auto-flirt themselves to being Lovebirds and are so comfy with each other that they let this happen:


Casually chatting and thinking about cupcakes while on the can. Even Spouse and I don’t do such things and we have been married for almost 16 years, heh. Honestly, the doings in that photo look far more sinister and kinky than they really are. “Heh heh heh. Hey there little girl…” *stare* “Rahr! I would lick the frosting off your cupcakes in a heartbeat!” So many ways one can interpret this.

Flirting seemed hot & heavy the first few days, but has since cooled. However, Simone & Alistair are now good friends, so are Tristan & Alistair. Simone had rolled a whim to make Alistair her boyfriend and I pinned that one to keep it around for awhile, to see what happens. Alistair, however, hasn’t had a Simone specific whim in a few days now.

So this is installment 1. I plan to keep snapping photos and regaling their antics in posts to come. At some point maybe they will all stop rolling whims to grill tofu dogs. Seriously, there can only be so many tofu dogs in all of simdom! Every time they ask to do it, I cringe too. Tofu dogs are fucking NASTY.

GODDAMNIT! While I was posting, Alistair snuck over to the grill and did this:


You can tell these are fucking tofu dogs by the pale color and unappetizing sheen. HORF! That grill may have to go teh way of the dodo…




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