My Brain Really Is THAT Weird

28 01 2016

I am blogging this for posterity’s sake. Or to remind myself what a stone cold crazy person I really am. Something. So this is what made me get up at 7:30ish this morning, wondering wtf I had consumed the night before to cause such fuck-upedness.

I just had a dream where I was sitting on a bench in the middle of an ice skating rink, interviewing Lenin about a Prom…and I was wearing roller skates..and he was only answering in russian. In the background I could hear ‘to the window…to the wall…the sweat drips down my balls’ with a thumping beat. It was so ridiculous that I actually woke myself up.

Yup. That happened. And I was still a little frustrated from it like I was in the dream, because I don’t speak russian!




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