Mocked on the Internet Playground

22 10 2016

Pinterest is evil. Not only does it make me shriek my frustrations to the nine netherhells when I Google a thing and get a Pinterest page (I really have no words for how much I loathe this), but they like to ‘read’ what web pages you happen to visit and then ‘surprise’ you with suggestion emails for pins you might like. After signing up at the Spouse’s insistence a couple of weeks ago, I got my first email from them earlier this week. “10 actors pins you might be interested in!” Hmm. I am constantly looking up actors on imdb when I watch TV so this didn’t shock me too terribly much, but I was curious as to who they would have as suggestions. Unsuspecting, I clicked. I immediately blushed and began cursing, calling Pinterest an invasive pile of camel shite. There in that email were 10 pins completely dedicated to Jiro Wang, like an enormous snicker at me for being a wee bit obsessed with one of the songs he sang for a Taiwanese drama I watched. “Ha ha ha! You liiiiiike him! You want to maaaaaaaarry him! Here’s 10 piiiiiiins of him!”

Then? To add insult to injury, I notice I have a new email from them today…a couple actually. One was of funny gifts people have bought and was innocuous but vapid. The other? “10 drama pins you might be interested in!” Now I know I can just choose to not click, I can just send these to the ether, never to view them again…but I am compelled to see what they think I might be interested in. It’s like those lucky egg vending machines…the ones with the clucking, rotating chicken? (what’s not to like about a fake chicken, gyrating and clucking that then drops a surprise egg. there could be anything in there! I know…I have issues) So, boldly I clicked, unable to stop my curiosity. Guess what? I bet you can guess..come on…TRY. Yup. That’s right. 10 more fucking pins of Jiro Wang. Well played Pinterest, you insidious fuck. Well played.

(How happy was I to see you can turn those notifications off)




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