Cheeseball Roulette

12 10 2016

I love playing PC video games…especially MMORPGs. I don’t mind subbed ones but the free ones, when they are good, are a great waste of time. What I really love is the ones that have those daily prizes. I love looking forward to whatever digital garbage I am going to get because sometimes they give rare awesomeness.

*CLICK* Yay!! I won a free bubble of orc splooge! Huzzah! *CLICK* Awesome!! Two tickets for some PvP gear that I need to PvP a million hours to obtain more so I can get an outdated helm. ROCK ON! At least it was FREEEEEEEE! *CLICK* Oh look!! A love token good towards any pretend internet gaming marriage because I am playing some obscure Asian game that makes marriage a part of leveling! Super! AND FREEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Yup. It’s like that. Because mentally I am just a 5 year old with a roll of coins standing at a bank of gumball & prize machines, and I really REALLY think I might get that sparkly, velvety, rainbow unicorn sticker if I want it bad enough!

Just one more quarter…